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Mugwart Armoise Oil Blend 1/2 oz (15ML)
Mugwart Armoise Oil Blend 1/2 oz (15ML)
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Ingredient Origin - MOROCCO
Ingredient Type - ESSENTIAL OIL
Extraction Method - STEAM DISTILLED

Description: Oil of Mugwort is calming and regulating for the female cycle. It treats sinusitis, depression, bipolar disorder, poison oak, and genital warts. Mugwort herb is used in moxibustion, part of some acupuncture treatments

Color: Yellow to orange-yellow fluid with aromatic odor.

Common Uses: Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort or common wormwood) is one of several species in the genus Artemisia commonly known as mugwort, although Artemisia vulgaris is the species most often called mugwort. This species is also occasionally known as felon herb, chrysanthemum weed, wild wormwood, old Uncle Henry, sailor's tobacco, naughty man, old man or St. John's plant (not to be confused with St John's wort).[1] Mugworts are used medicinally and as culinary herbs.

It is native to temperate Europe, Asia, northern Africa and Alaska and is naturalized in North America,[2] where some consider it an invasive weed. It is a very common plant growing on nitrogenous soils, like weedy and uncultivated areas, such as waste places and roadsides

Consistency: Thin

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